From Kathy Christoph, MS Principal


Learning changes dramatically when students have opportunities to produce work that matters to them. We know this from our own lives—I only need think about the past few days in my life to know this is true. It’s easy for me to recall that moment this past weekend when I dragged my feet completing a task, and the other moment when I rushed through a report that was required and imposed upon me. Yet, I readily skipped my lunch and stayed up way later than usual when I was working on a project that felt especially meaningful to me.  Read More


Grade Level Updates
In the World Language classes, some of our 6th graders learned some idiomatic expressions with the verbs “tener” and others finished their Project Based Learning (PBL) Weather Unit. Additionally, directed by the question of “How does community express itself abroad?” students had to plan a trip, figure out the logistics such as cost, dates, lodging, and weather using authentic resources. Further, they had to research community life in their new destination. Read More
Spring Sports and Spring Activity Clubs
Yesterday, we gathered together during the last period of the day to learn about Spring Sports and Spring Activity Clubs. In an effort to help students better navigate the club choices, we distributed the list of clubs along with a short description and any special sign-up procedure. Read More
Tech Tip: Avoiding Distraction with Guided Access
Contributed by Bill Campbell, Academic Technology Director

While digital technology provides access to an abundance of tools and resources that are helpful and are becoming a part of daily life, it also requires us to work at avoiding distractions. Last month I suggested scheduling Do Not Disturb mode on an iPad or iPhone as a way to avoid interrupted sleep by muting… Read More