From Kathy Christoph, MS Principal


Today as I write this, your children are home (off from a typical day of classes), and my teachers are immersed in composing and writing their Fall Interim Comments for each student. The comments are written to help students see more clearly their own approach to their work and to allow students an opportunity to step back from the daily details and reflect on the bigger picture. Teacher comments are released to students next Thursday, November 9, during an Extended HomeBase, and the HomeBase advisors guide the students in reading and analyzing the comments. Comments are released to you on Friday, November 10, beginning at 12 noon. For more details on this process please see the Dean’s Message section.

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Grade Level Happenings

Grade 6: October was a wonderful month for our sixth graders. Classes were able to gain traction, and the students have been working diligently across the curriculum.

In English, students wrapped up the short stories unit. They wrote two analytical paragraphs about these stories, which allowed them to practice the TEA and ICE structure in their writing. This past week they kicked off a PBL focused on identifying and writing about significant moments in their lives. They are working on a draft of this piece now. In a few weeks, they will share their work with their classmates and in a blog. Read more

Our D-E Community

In the Garden: It’s seed-saving time!  7th grade DIG students practiced wet and dry seed saving techniques and begin their study of seed types and the anatomy of a seed. Parent volunteers enjoy fried green tomatoes prepared by the students.

MS Student-Leaders: It is that time of year again . . .  the D-E Lower, Middle and Upper Schools are running a food drive to help local families have food for the Thanksgiving holiday. In the Middle School, the drive is being organized by students who are interested and want an opportunity to take a leadership role.  Read more

Deans’ Message: Not Your Parents’ “Report Cards”
In Mid-November, the first written report cards summarizing student progress become available.  But the reports you will receive are not just the old-fashioned list of grades our own parents may have received – and which may still feel familiar to many parents today.  Instead, in keeping with our mission to help our students become lifelong learners who take ownership of their learning, D-E “comments” at the midterm of each semester are designed to be an opportunity for students to explore their own process critically, to recognize and cultivate the Student As Learner (SaL) characteristics that we know are critical to lifelong success, and to learn to advocate for themselves with the support of invested and insightful teachers. Read more