27 Apr

World Languages Update

In the World Language classes, our 6th grade Spanish students are learning about food in the Hispanic world in addition to the appropriate use of possessive adjectives. Our 7th graders are learning about sports and hobbies as well as certain stem changing verbs and the verb “gustar”, to like. Our 8th grade Continuing students are learning the past tense, now using some irregular verbs. They are continuing to practice how to shop in a supermarket and in a clothing store. As a part of their food Unit, they went to plant tomato seeds in the D-E Greenhouse as a hands-on experience. Soon they will plant them in our Garden. Others in the advanced level are learning the present and past perfect tense. Here, they are using vocabulary about health and how to keep a healthy life style. Our French 7 Continuing students are learning vocabulary focused on clothing stores.  Our cultural theme is the major sites of Paris; at the same time, they are applying the past tense and the “RE” verbs conjugation. Here they are expanding sentences by including adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases. Our Latin 7 students are studying the imperfect and future tenses and will continue to review the first 3 declensions.  Our cultural theme is the institution of slavery.  Students will present their “Traveler “reports on word origins and derivatives. With our Latin 8 Students, we have just finished talking about noun-adjective agreement. The students carefully learned the charts for the adjectives and figured out how to match nouns with the correct forms from the chart. The Latin 8 Advance students have been learning about the Iliad in preparation for a parody of the Iliad that the kids are preparing for World Language Festival.