In the World Language classes, our 6th grade Spanish students are learning the parts of the body and how to shop in clothing stores. Our 7th graders are learning about hobbies with possessive adjectives. 8th grade Continuing students are learning the past tense with more emphasis on the irregular verbs. They are also learning the appropriate use of the direct and indirect pronouns. As a part of their Food Unit now, the 8th graders are planting their tomato plants in the D-E garden. Others in the advanced level are learning about the art and some historic sites in Latin America and Spain.

French 7 Continuing students are watching and discussing “The Hunchback of Notre -Dame” Disney animated version. They are also finishing a grammar unit on the past tense and a vocabulary unit on shopping. Our Latin 7th students are studying the future tense and the 2 tense systems (present and perfect). Also, we are discussing the institution of slavery in Rome and students will be presenting mythology stories. With our Latin 8 students, we are beginning a discussion about clauses in general – what they are, how to recognize them, etc. – and about relative clauses (clauses beginning with “who” or “which”). In Latin 8th Advanced, we are learning how to form verbs into participles and how to recognize participial phrases.