We have full days of school today (Tuesday), Wednesday, and Thursday.

Each day has special events and activities designed to bring closure to the school year.  It is wise to remember that endings bring up many different—and often conflicting—emotions in all of us, and especially young adolescents whose emotions are often extra-intense. Happy, sad, anxious, eager, trepidation, bravado, fear, joy, and trust—all these and many more can often play out during the last days of school. Yet, it is also important to remember that children need closure; they have spent the school year with us, they’ve made new friends, they’ve experienced new activities, they’ve taken risks and they’ve grown considerably in so many different ways. Final activities and celebrations help mark their progress, serve as benchmarks and allow for reflection and good-byes.

Special events this week include:

  • Wednesday: Grade 6: Greek Day
    • Grade 7: Field trip to Ellis Island
    • Grade 8: Hike and BBQ
  • Thursday: Yearbooks and Field Day

Hug your child, and Go Bulldogs!