27 Jan

Tech Tip

Contributed by Mr. Bill Campbell, Academic Technology Director

While I recommend that digital devices be off and stored outside of bedrooms overnight when possible, there is actually a good reason to leave an iPad (or iPhone) plugged in and on overnight. When iCloud backup is enabled, iOS devices that are plugged in charging, connected to the Internet, and have the screen off (sleep mode) will automatically backup at night as long as there is sufficient iCloud space. (For ways to deal with a full iCloud on a school iPad see https://goo.gl/B4gW2S.)  If that online, charging place must be a bedroom, you can still set an iOS device to not disturb you or a loved one while getting that good night’s sleep everyone needs. To do this, make sure the iPad or iPhone is set to automatically go into “Do Not Disturb” mode at a good time (such as 10 PM to ensure a screen time break before a good night’s sleep for a middle-school student). For directions on how to schedule Do Not Disturb to automatically activate each day, see https://goo.gl/vqPx2h