22 Jan

Special Message for Grade 6 Families

Dear Sixth Grade Parent or Guardian:

I am happy to announce our next New York City field trip occurring Friday, March 4th. To complement the 6th Grade social studies unit underway at that time, as well as content they will be studying in art classes, students will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Greek galleries.  There they will engage in several observation and sketching activities to enhance their understanding of how art reflects culture and how artifacts and sculptures in the museum’s collection help to reveal developments in the society of Ancient Greece.

Students will attend their usual morning classes on the 4th and go to lunch in our cafeteria at the usual time.  Busses will leave just before recess time and return to school in time for regular dismissal.  We will not be visiting gift shops or snack bars while on the trip, so there is no need to send money or snacks along with your child that day.

We hope to celebrate the occasion and our pleasure in being able to visit a world-class exhibit by dressing in a way that shows our respect for this great institution.  We request that students dress tidily and a bit more formally than usual, avoiding athletic wear and tops with slogans, though they should be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

If you have any questions about the trip, or if you live in NYC and hope to pick your child up there before we board busses, please contact either Ms Urbanowski or myself before the week of the trip to discuss arrangements.


Ben Fleisher