16 Sep

Project Based Learning: An Update from our Grade 7 Team

Dear Grade 7 Parents and Guardians,

We are writing to share with you an exciting group of projects that we will be completing this year in our 7th grade classes. As you may know, the D-E Middle School faculty are using a curricular design called Project Based Learning (PBL) for many of our units. In fact, most of our 7th grade curriculum has many PBL components. PBL puts the problem first and gives students the opportunity to apply the skills they learn in class to personally relevant and real-world situations. The PBL units have, at their core, intellectual and academic vigor – units that will engage your child and stretch his/her intellect and curiosity.

Please find the list of planned PBL units for the year below:

  • What’s in Your Water?
  • Are We Moving Towards a Better World?
  • Power in Poetry
  • Conservation Conversation
  • DE Green Expo
  • Writing Refugees
  • Shakespeare Reimagined

In these projects students will develop their creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and research skills. We have designed these units to better reflect the needs of our 7th graders, resulting in a more integrative experience, more student ownership, and a continual cycle of inquiry, reflection, and assessment.

Additional information or invitations for these projects will be distributed at the beginning of each unit. If you could please share any area of expertise that may help with these projects, please contact your teacher.


Team 7

Gautham Akula, Paul Jung, Maria Kaufman, Courtney MarroMatt Schade, Bill Stegmayer, Liz Traub, and Giselle Winters