This week’s Assembly showcased some of our amazing students in our annual Talent Show. Singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, and poets regaled us with a wonderful display of their talents. I continue to be amazed!

Last week, students engaged in the Comment Reflection process during HomeBase meetings and Assembly time. Teachers’ comments are written to their students to help those students more clearly see their own approach to their work, and to allow students an opportunity to step back from the daily details and take stock.  As they write, teachers have in mind the student-as-learner characteristics that we strive to cultivate, such as creativity, engagement, and daily preparation, in addition to their specific subject content.  Teachers’ comments are released to students during an extended HomeBase period. HomeBase teachers guide the students in reading and analyzing the comments, with an eye to helping students recognize and celebrate their own successful learning habits as well as set goals for further progress.  Students write reflections about their report cards, discuss their thoughts with their HB teachers, and make notes with questions for their subject-area teachers. On Monday, November 21, our students in grades 7 and 8 will review their Interim Grades with their HomeBase teacher. Grades will be released to parents and guardians at 6:00 in the evening.