17 Mar

Our Community of Learners

HomeBase advisors are diligently working this week writing comments to the students.  The comments include the SAL (Student as Learner) traits that our students are familiar with and that we focus on both in the classroom and in HomeBase.  Students will have a chance to read and reflect on their comments prior to Spring Break.  After noting their areas of strength and areas to focus on, students then have an opportunity to talk to their HomeBase advisor and touch upon their goals for the remainder of the year.  Upon returning from Spring Break, our HomeBase groups will begin their lessons on Mindset.  All three grades will have conversations, watch videos and participate in activities revolving around Growth vs. Fixed Mindset.  Students will understand when they have fixed mindsets and when they have growth mindsets.  They will be challenged to find areas where they want to grow and how they go about doing so.