06 Mar

Our Community of Learners

Well, the weather is starting to get warmer, the grass is getting just a little bit greener, and the birds are starting to begin their pilgrimage back to the North for the Spring… and do you know what that means? You’re right!  It’s time for the “2017 Health and Wellness Week!”

This year’s “Health and Wellness Week” will take place the week of March 6-9. The theme of the week is “Building A Stronger Community”

The week will be chock-full of activities and contest that are planned for students and teachers alike, to learn more about wellness, to have a good time, and to test one’s fitness levels. Take a look:

Monday, March 6

  • Morning Meeting – Opening Ceremonies
    •  Introduction and Overview of the week
    •  New Health Posters will be unveiled
    •  Teacher vs. Student Push-Up Competition
    •  H&W Week Video
    •  Schedule of the Week’s Festivities)
  • Recess: Teacher vs. Student Challenge #1: Jump Ropes

Tuesday, March 7

  • Home Base Activity: Walk-A-Thon – around campus
  • The Quiet Zone
  • Recess: Teacher vs. Student Challenge #2: Planks

Wednesday, March 8

  • Home Base Activity: Choice of “H&W Jeopardy” or “Gratitude Pictionary”
  • Dining Room will be serving “Healthy Meal of the Week” – grilled chicken, brown rice, vegetables… and… SMOOTHIES!!!)
  • Recess: Teacher vs. Student Challenge #3: Iron Cross

Thursday, March 9

  • Health and Wellness Assembly
    •  6th Grade will be doing Zumba and yoga
    •  7th Grade will be doing meditation and Zumba
    •  8th Grade will be doing yoga and meditation
  • Recess: Teacher vs. Student Challenge #4: Wall Sit

videoClick to watch a scene from Health and Wellness Week