16 Apr

Nurse’s Corner: Beware, It’s Allergy Season!

Wow!  We go from cold temperatures and snow directly into allergy season!  Itchy eyes, stuffy noses and sneezing have made their appearances.

Spring allergies usually begin around mid-March with the rise of tree pollen. It usually reaches its peak sometime in April with its warmer temperatures and is followed by grass pollens in May and June.

For those with known spring allergies, if you have not already done so, begin taking your medications now, including eye drops.  This also applies to those affected by allergies later in the season as “pretreating” can lessen the severity of symptoms.

Please know that no allergy medication is provided by Health Services. All medications are to be taken at home.

Be sure to check the pollen count daily. When it’s high stay inside.  If you must be out, once indoors, change your clothes and shower to rinse off pollen on skin and hair. If you have pets that have been outside, wipe them down once they come in.