26 Apr

“News to Know” for Grade 8 Parents

Placement related information (and key dates for students) was recently shared by Grade 8 Dean James Aitken with all 8th grade parents.  This information is provided below here as well.  Questions?  Email aitkej@d-e.org or call 201-227-3235.

Dear 8th Grade Parents,

I just wanted to take a moment to prepare you for a process that will begin on April 26th.   We are entering the scheduling/placement period for 8th graders as they prepare to enter our Upper School.  This process will take a few weeks and will proceed under the guidance of the Homebase advisors.  It is important to remember that for the most part rising 9th graders only have real choice with regard to their Language and Art classes.  The History, English, Science and Math classes are scheduled by a placement process led by the department chairs and teachers which takes into account recommendations and other criteria.

You will be receiving some materials from me (attached in this email) and your child (placements – April 27th & sign up confirmation form – May 13th) over the next few weeks.  The Course Catalogue for 2016/2017 will be handed to your children in Homebase and is also on the school website for your reference.  Please note that on May 20th, schedule forms (which will be sent home) are due back to me with your signature.  I urge you to not worry about this process too much right now.  I can assure you that this process is methodical, thoughtful and inclusive.  I can also assure you that the 8thteachers and I work closely with the Upper School teachers and department chairs to ensure the smoothest system possible.  Our advisors will also be working closely with their advisees to help them make sense of their choices and support and help with any possible decisions.

We will have department chairs come and talk to the 8thgrade to help them better understand the Upper School curriculum and class structure.  As parents, you will likely be talking with your child about this at home and reviewing materials that come home.  The packets and the Homebase advisors should answer almost all of your questions, but please feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions.