13 Dec

Middle School Club Activities & Special Events: Highlights

In the garden, Middle School students in the “Eat Local: Winter Gardening” Club learned today that eating seasonal vegetables that are grown close to home helps protect our planet and reduce our carbon footprint because local, seasonal food has fewer “food miles.”  Just as exciting for some, however, was the surprising realization that dark green vegetables can be yummy — in spite of the fact they are so good for us.  Today’s garden treat: Swiss chard harvested from the school vegetable garden and stir fried with onions, currants, and a broth made from our own root vegetables.

Electric Origami! This past Monday, many of our students gathered in the Imperatore Library after school for a chance to create paper creatures and bring them to life with electronic circuits and LED lights. No experience was necessary and all skill levels were welcomed. And the resulting figures were quite unique!