Message from Kathy


I trust your sons and daughters enjoyed their long weekend. Yesterday, the entire Middle School faculty and I were engaged in a workshop with a presenter from the nationally-renowned Buck Institute for Education group. This was a type of ”booster-shot”, following up on our 3-day workshop last June, where we were first immersed in the workings of PBL (Project Based Learning). We have been intrigued with PBL because it fits well with our School Mission, with what we know about young adolescents, with our drive for vigorous academics and with our belief in preparing children for their future, not our past. PBL connects students with communities and the real world. Projects provide students with empowering opportunities to make a difference, by solving real problems and addressing real issues. Continual in-depth inquiry ensures that the academic and intellectual ‘sweat-equity’ will be high and will continually challenge each student. Good PBL units provide robust challenges or questions, student voice and choice, sustained inquiry, critique and revision, reflection, and authenticity. The core of every unit is built upon key knowledge, understanding and success skills, thus contributing to our strong academic program. As you read this Blog, you will learn about some of the projects your children are engaged in.

Hug your child and GO BULLDOGS!

Kathy Christoph