Message from Kathy Christoph, MS Principal


As your child moves through young adolescence, s/he is becoming more independent and is increasingly involved in activities outside the home and with their peers. When you try to have a conversation with them, they may roll their eyes, grunt, or pretend not to hear. Do Not Despair! You are still the most influential people in their lives, and they really do listen to what you have to say.

On a related note, social media expert and special presenter Lauren Hersh was here last week, engaging our students in conversations and later engaging the Middle School faculty in conversations, all about social media, sexting, and the digital age in which our students live. Her presentations were certainly relevant to us all. Students spent 90 minutes with her, sharing their concerns, problems, situations, and hopes in an open forum. During her time with my faculty, we came up with strategies to guide and continue the conversations with the students. I encourage you to continue these conversations at home. Your children need your wisdom, even if they occasionally roll their eyes.

Finally, a mention that our All-MS Community Event is our Annual Field Day on Thursday, June 8. Our belief in student-centered learning, student leadership, and relevant, real-world situations is played out even in these kinds of events! The Field Day program is visualized, developed, and planned out by a committee of students (with adult help, of course!) over the course of several months.  One teaching point we employ is that children can learn the value of things by having to learn and earn the cost of them, whether it is through planning or financing. For the next few weeks, the Field Day Committee will be holding Snack Sales on Tuesdays at the end of the day to raise funds for the Field Day event. This type of activity gives children a real-world experience in the cost of things.

Hug your child, and Go Bulldogs!

-Kathy Christoph