17 Mar

Message from Kathy Christoph


I came across an article the other day where the author, Cheryl Mizerny, talked about why she loves working with middle school children. I immediately felt a strong kinship to her as she described the wonderful and often-times wacky world of working with young adolescents.

Here is an excerpt that I’d like to share with you:  “I love how middle school students are caught in between wanting to blend into the crowd and wanting to be their authentic, quirky selves. Middle school time is like dog years in terms of development and the students that enter in sixth grade barely resemble the eighth grade graduates. In between, it is fascinating to watch the endless permutations that everything – from their hairstyles to their handwriting – goes through. Because I was an awkward adolescent who never quite felt comfortable in my own skin, I empathize with what they are experiencing. I bond with the underdogs and outcasts, find that special something inside of them, and try to bring it to the forefront. I was also bullied by a couple of mean girls, so I know how treacherous it can be to navigate the complexities of popularity and friendship. Middle school kids, with all of their strange and wonderful idiosyncrasies, are my tribe.”

I LOVE this age group!

And a reminder once again to our Grade 8 families:  Our Move-Up Ceremony at the end of the year, a truly memorable event for all our Grade 8’s, has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 8.  Please click here for details and additional information about this event date change, shared with you earlier this month.

Hug your child, and Go Bulldogs!   – Kathy