Whether you’re happy with the election results or not, it has been an emotional time for many. Here at school, we have seen the range of emotions from our young adolescents and have spent time helping them gain perspective on the events, and gain skills in listening to understand. You may be looking for some tips to guide you at home.

Here are some tips from Leslie Bushara, deputy director for education at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan:

  1. Take time to pause and gather your feelings, whether you are delighted or disturbed by the election’s outcome. Remember, your children will be looking to you to determine how they should react to the news. Children want to know that their daily routine will not change.
  2. Remind kids that democracy is messy. When you can, talk with your children about what President Obama called “the boisterous diversity of our country.”
  3. Make sure that your children are listened to and that their voice matters. Younger children need to be heard, even if their thoughts are not as well formed. As noted in previous tips, now is a great time to work on learning to listen to one another and practice disagreeing respectfully.
  4. Teach kids about how to be gracious winners and good losers. Remind them, as in sports, not to make fun of those who supported the losing candidate and to also not be unkind toward those who won.
  5. Take the time to help an upset child understand that the president is an elected position, and that it isn’t permanent. Explain that in four years there will be another election, and the people will be able to pick again.
  6. Look for things that you can do as a family to support your values and interests. Find things to do that are familiar and comforting. Spend time together reading books, playing games, or visiting neighborhood parks and museums.
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