06 Nov

Kathy’s Message


Today as I write this, your children are home (off from a typical day of classes), and my teachers are immersed in composing and writing their Fall Interim Comments for each student. The comments are written to help students see more clearly their own approach to their work and to allow students an opportunity to step back from the daily details and reflect on the bigger picture. Teacher comments are released to students next Thursday, November 9, during an Extended HomeBase, and the HomeBase advisors guide the students in reading and analyzing the comments. Comments are released to you on Friday, November 10, beginning at 12 noon. For more details on this process please see the Dean’s Message section.

Catching Kids Doing the Right Thing: At a recent Middle School Cross Country Meet, after both races, the boys and girls were eating the snacks a parent had so generously sent along with us.  A boy from the Elizabeth Morrow team (we bus with them to and from meets) exclaimed in envy, “lucky!” when he saw the popcorn and granola bars we had been supplied with.  Our D-E coach asked if everyone had gotten one, preparing to tell our runners to share their extra snacks, when multiple runners–before the coach could say anything–held out our bins of popcorn and boxes of granola bars to the other team.  The other team APPLAUDED us on the way off the bus and one student said, “can’t wait to see you guys next week!”

Using Math: As part of our fall and Halloween celebrations, we ran a “Guess the Candy Corn” contest. Every child was invited to submit three guesses, and it was wonderful seeing the children try to measure the circumference, estimate the depth and try to figure out mathematically the number of candy corns inside the glass pumpkin. Our winner, Serena D., came within 1 of the correct number of 741!