HomeBase advisors and advisees have spent the last two weeks engaged in their SAL Conversations.  These reflective, one on one, conversations are a wonderful way for students to discuss with their advisors the different facets about their year as learners in the middle school.

As the year winds down, we will take some time to connect once again with our community through sharing stories with one another. Through our Humans of D-E program this year, HomeBase groups have gotten to know different members of our community firsthand.  Faculty and students alike have shared stories during our Morning Meeting times. In a final community activity, students will get the opportunity to share with one another one last time. In concert with a Happiness Project that is part of the 8th grade Drama class, students will be provided with prompts which will allow them to strengthen the ties within our community.  It has been a highlight of our year to learn so much about the different members of our middle school and DE community as a whole.