16 Mar

Health & Wellness Week

The students in these photos are in a Health and Wellness class learning about the “6 essential nutrients.”  We began this nutrition thread in the garden in the fall (I think I sent you pix then, but can resend if you like) with students harvesting all kinds of vegetables and discussing their nutritional value.  In this lesson, students review the nutrients they learned about and come to understand the role they play in the body’s functioning.  At the same time, we take one example — apples (not our own garden apples this year, but we just planted our trees so hope they WILL be our own when we do this next year) — and engage in a cooking activity while talking about the essential nutrients in this example plant.

Despite some snow days we were still able to enjoy a “Wellness Week Walkathon” on Leggett Field during “D-E Health and Wellness Week”  last week.  For a quick video of the Walkathon, a day in which Mother Nature smiled upon us all click here.