28 Feb


Good news! Every Middle School Student will be receiving their FitnessGram Reports this upcoming week. Students were previously evaluated utilizing five different wellness assessments to determine their different levels of fitness. They will be asked to reflect on their scores, consider their everyday lifestyle and decide how they are staying physically active. We will also discuss how they can make changes to improve their scores when we retest them later this school year.

The Middle School is also getting ready for the annual “Health and Wellness Week” in which healthy food, lifestyles, and fitness activities will be presented to our students. Events such as the “Tarzan Run”, the “Robin Hood Challenge”, special Teacher vs. Student competitions during recess, and Smoothie lunches, are some of the fun things that everyone will be experiencing. The Thursday Assembly during that week, will have each grade level participate in activities in fitness areas of Zumba, Yoga, and Meditation!! Below, Health & Wellness faculty member Jaclyn Wood demonstrates healthy cooking habits, a sneak preview of what to expect. Get ready for a fun and educational “Health and Wellness Week” @ D-E!