15 Dec

Health and Wellness Highlights

The Middle School Health and Wellness Department has been busy this past month, involving students in a variety of fun and healthy activities and assessments. The students just finished the physical assessment program, the FitnessGram, in which individuals were tested for their core strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and muscular endurance. The results of these measurements will be shared with each student and their parents in the near future. Students have also been involved with some other class activity courses such as Cooperative Games. Cooperative games are a way to practice the skills of relationships—skills such as communication, trust, problem solving, empathy, and cooperation—in a way that is fun, engaging, and real.  Another experience has been our fitness. Fitness classes explore various ways of exercising.  Students spend some time learning about circuit training, interval training and experimenting with different types of cardiovascular exercises, including the fitness battle ropes. While learning about muscular anatomy, the students participated in some light weight training using dumbbells and kettle bells.  The unit ended with yoga lessons, where the students practiced “sun salutations” learned meditation, breathing techniques, and partner yoga poses with their classmates.