17 Mar

Grade Level Updates

In the World Language classes, some of our 6th graders are learning the food vocabulary with the verbs “gustar”, “querer” and “pedir”. Our 7th graders are continuing learning some idiomatic expressions with the verb “tener que”, “venir a” and possessive pronouns. Some of our 8th graders are learning the appropriate use of direct and indirect pronouns and past tense “el pretérito.”  Others finished presenting their PBL: What do food and language have in common? Why are corn, chocolate, and potatoes so important in our diet today? It was so nice watching and hearing great information they brought about these products. Our grade Latin students are continuing to work on their PBL Unit, endangered languages, and they are working delightfully and making great progress on it. Our 8th French students are in the process of reading full-fledged short stories that combine their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. The students are asked not only to be able to read and understand but also they should put their knowledge of verb tenses into practice by highlighting in various colors the verbs in the story, then transcribing them into a chart and deciding if they are regular or irregular verbs.


In 7th grade we just finished writing and performing round one of the ONE-MINUTE PLAYS and for 8th grade we are gearing up for our Spoken Word PBL Celebration with 8th grade Coffee House on Friday!


Our singers are continuing to learn and memorize music for the upcoming spring concert. They are excited to finalize our animation drawings to start the next process of transferring them to animation paper and tee shirts.

Studio Art 6

We will be kicking off our PBL unit with the film “Urbanized”; students will visit their favorite sites on campus they voted for, engage in discussions about form, function and community. Students were asked to look for a building or site that needs improvement in their own community and document it in their sketchbooks.

Studio Art 7

Students are completing their Coloring Book Pages as their PBL. We are in communication with three different hospitals and hope that one or all will decide to use the pdf’s in their Art Therapy programs with patients. Also, parents, family and friends look for printed copies at the Spring Arts Festival to color and/or take home!