Grade Level Updates

In the World Language classes, some of our 6th graders learned some idiomatic expressions with the verbs “tener” and others finished their Project Based Learning (PBL) Weather Unit. Additionally, directed by the question of “How does community express itself abroad?” students had to plan a trip, figure out the logistics such as cost, dates, lodging, and weather using authentic resources.  Further, they had to research community life in their new destination. Students presented their trip plans all in Spanish to their classmates!

Our 7th graders are learning some idiomatic expressions with the verb “tener que” and “venir a”. Some of our 8th graders are learning the appropriate use of positive and negative words.  Others began to work on their PBL, which addresses these questions: “What do food and language have in common? Why corn, chocolate, and potatoes are so important in our diet today?”  Our 7th Latin students are also working on their PBL Unit: Endangered Languates. Here they will apply the imperfect tense, regular conjugations and ESSE. They also will study vocabulary and culture.

In the Grade 7 “Conservation Conversation” photos above you will enjoy some images of our Grade 7 students from when they presented their Science PBL encompassing their research on and solutions for threatened animals.


Over in Swartley Hall, our young artists are actively engaged in a variety of projects. Studio Art 6 students are busy sculpting their likeness in clay.  The next steps are the firing, glazing, and re-firing of these pieces. Studio Art 7 students are finishing up the Shoe Drawing project.  They will be starting a SeeSaw account in the App in the coming weeks in which they will reflect on their own and other’s work. Students in the Art Explorations class are finishing their “paper Dancers.” The next steps will see the artists carefully planning out the templates to cut and assemble the parts for their 3D Dancer.

Our singers in Chorus are learning new material for our upcoming spring show, while perfecting character designs for student’s tee shirts.

Drama 7 students are learning and using theatre terminology and working on practice scenes, and our Drama 8 students have begun the Spoken Word PBL unit.