27 Jan

Grade Level Updates

PEAL (Phys.Ed, Arts & Language) Classes

In the World Language classes, our 6th graders are learning how to conjugate verbs in present tense with arer, and ir endings as well as how to phrase questions with words like “cómo”, “cuándo,” and “dónde”.  Our 7th graders, besides learning the family vocabulary, are also reinforcing the present tense with various verbs. Some of our 8th graders are studying the reflexive verbs with their daily routine habits, and also the appropriate use of positive and negative words. Others are learning possessive pronouns and the correct use of “por” and “para”.   After learning how to talk about their families, their homes, their possessions and their clothing, our 7th grade French students are now learning how to express ownership using possessive adjectives.  They are also learning how to ask pointed questions and indicate specific people and things using demonstrative adjectives and question words.  As always, these students are enthusiastically – and oh so competitively – playing “Quack Quack” practicing and polishing their language skills. Both the Latin 8th Adv. and 8th regular classes are currently completing a unit on indirect objects, interrogative pronouns, and Roman baths. After that, they will learn personal pronouns and comparative degree adjectives as we continue reading Latin passages from the Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 textbook. The class is also working on a 2nd semester project on the reception of Greek and Roman myths in modern literature, film, and television.


The groups of 8th grade students in Drama are fully engaged in creating and producing their individual CRUSH projects. Meanwhile, the 7’s who are in Drama this second semester are working on their RAP video projects. I’ll share some of each when they’re done!


We just started our Disney Celebration concert. 

Visual Arts

All groups are doing some character animation (online) classes. The final drawings (sketched on animation paper) will be used to decorate the auditorium. Then we will take the drawing, transfer it to an iron-on and make tee-shirts students will wear as their dress code for the concert. 

  • StArt 6  Students are beginning the 3D semester by talking about and seeing examples of various types of sculpture.  Also, the basic terms of relief, additive and subtractive techniques for the first project, the Clay Tile Self-Portrait will be explored and practiced.
  • StArt 7 Students have just begun the new semester of art.  They are currently practicing contour, blind contour and gesture drawing from observation in order to sharpen their skills and improve their ability to draw realistically.
  • Art Explorations Students began the new semester by viewing the works of Minimalist Artist Joel Shapiro.  After studying his figurative sculptures and watching a cool music video dance-off, students began creating gesture drawings of people dancing.  They will choose their favorite to re-create as a full 3D sculpture.

A Math Note for Parents of 7th graders

During first semester, we hosted Mr. Peter Waltman as a student teacher in Mr. Jung’s Math 7 classes. This semester, he continues to hone his skills by working with Mrs. Kaufman’s Math 7 classes.