In Studio Art 6 the young artists are putting finishing touches on the Texture Animal Project. This year we are asking students to write a short anecdote about their animal to help tell the public why it is a special creature.

Studio Art 7 students are finishing the Shoe Drawing Project. They will be documenting it in the Seesaw App soon. Also, they will begin working on this year’s new PBL “Art and Healing Coloring Book Page.”  Our 7th grade Drama students are working on 1 minute original plays together with partners and in small groups. In Drama 8, students are reviewing basic presentation skills, introductions/1st impressions (eg: how does body language & tone of voice affect others’ impression of you).   In Chorus 6, our young singers are eagerly preparing for the upcoming Winter Arts Festival by learning their songs and also by creating unique train costumes for Starlight Express!

In the World Language classes, our 6th graders are learning about how to greet each other in in the target language by using the verb “Ser.” Our 7th graders started to learn how to use different verb and noun agreement. This past week, some of our 8th graders learned the appropriate use of the verbs to-be “ser” and “estar.”  Other classes continued learning about food and healthy eating habits, and the great contribution of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas to our current diet. Students went to the D-E garden with Mrs. Urbanowski and Mr. Bautista to harvest what they planted this past spring and early summer, such as tomatoes, corn and potatoes. As a final step, they cooked their potatoes in class. It was not only fun, but a really hands-on experience.