18 May

Grade Level Updates

Grade 6:  While the school year may be starting to wind down, we have been quite busy in sixth grade this month! There are a lot of exciting things happening on the hallway as students participate in work associated with final units.

In Math 6, students started work on an algebra unit. They learned to use letters to represent unknown variables and to write an algebraic expression in one variable. They also worked on evaluating algebraic expressions in one variable using substitution as well as simplifying algebraic expressions in one variable by adding or subtracting like terms. The classes will now move on 4-sided shapes and triangles, while continuing to work on algebra. In advanced math, students completed a unit on the area of circles, while at the same time continuing to work on solving equations. They learned to find the area and perimeter of compound figures made up of rectangles, triangles, semicircles and/or quarter circles. The classes will now move on 4-sided shapes and triangles, while continuing to work on algebra. In hyper math 6, students are working on graphing quadratic functions, also known as parabolas.

In science, students are working diligently on their Experimental Design Projects. Students are researching multiple brands of a consumer product, and then concluding which brand is more reliable based on their testing and price. Students will be presenting their findings May 23 from 12:15-2:00 PM in Hajjar Auditorium. We hope you can join us!

In English, after finishing reading the novel, Lions of Little Rock, students embarked on their second analytical essay. Students have been tracking two themes throughout the story, and they have been using these annotations to guide their essay planning. The students have been workshopping the essays over the next two weeks, focusing especially on how to best analyze the text in support of our ideas. Their final essay is due next week. Then, the students will work on a cumulative project to wrap up the year.

In social studies, students have been writing their first essay on the Minoans and Mycenaeans. The class also spent some time at the MET’s renowned Greek and Roman wing last week, where we explored how Greek art changed over time. Upon our return we have continued our exploration of ancient Greece, specifically the development of Polei – Greek City-States – and the governments of Athens and Sparta. Onward towards Greek Day!

Grade 7: With the warm weather finally arriving, the 7th grade is finishing out the year strong with their last full month of classes.  In science classes, 7th graders have been hard at work in the green house.  Small groups have designed experiments to test different variables on plants.  This activity will culminate with a final lab report.  In English classes, 7th graders have finished reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream and have begun learning their parts to act out scenes from the play. Last week, actors from the company, Shakespeare Live!, visited our classrooms to lead workshops with the students.  In Social Studies, students are working on the storyboarding and text for their Refugee Children’s Book Project. This an important step, as students develop stories that will capture the experience of refugees in a way that can communicate their hardships to 3rd grade students.  In 7th grade CP math, students are planning an outdoor festival fundraiser to raise money for refugee children as a connection to what they are learning in Social Studies. All the proceeds will go to UNICEF. During the planning process, students will be learning about ratios, proportions, percents, and applying equations. The date of the festival is still to be determined.  Please check for updates in your emails or school announcements.  In advanced math classes, students are beginning their final chapter of algebra.  They will focus on writing and graphing equations. Lastly, students in Hyper 7 math will finish their programming strand by coding a simple game. During that time, they will be finishing up our work with Quadratics and Parabolas as well.

Grade 8: The 8th grade is heading into the end of the year with productive purpose. Currently in science, lab partners are working on their SciTube projects which focus on the message that “the world we depend on depends on us.” In math class, the concepts of quadratic equations, factoring, and graphing are being explored by both college prep and advanced classes. The Shakespeare tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is being read aloud during English, and students are working on their final Portfolio project outside of class. Lastly, driven by the essential question, “what can we learn about human behavior from studying the Holocaust?”, Our 8th graders continue to explore the causes and effects of the Nazis’ rise to power.