28 Feb


In the World Language classes, our Grade 6 Spanish students continue to describe their family with appropriate adjectives. Now, they are adding a few more verbs such as “ir a” “venir” and expressions with the verb “tener.” Grade 7 is learning possessive adjectives, comparative and superlative. Grade 8 Continuing students are learning about their daily routine by using reflexive verbs. They are practicing about how to shop in a supermarket and in a clothing store. Others in the advanced level are learning the future tense. They are creating or inventing something original that can help the environment and presenting to their classmates.

Our Grade 7 French students are continuing are in the last stages of their PBL to publicize a French speaking country.  We are also studying command forms, possessive adjectives, and conjugation patterns.  Students aim to use French exclusively. Our Grade 7 students are watching a video about the rise of the Roman Empire as they continue to add Latin and English vocabulary and study the third declension.

Grade 8 Latin students are beginning to explore infinitives and a few irregular verbs commonly used with infinitives. They are making connections between the irregular patterns of these new verbs and the patterns of verbs we have previously learned. The Grade 8 Latin Advance students are learning how to break down and translate multi-clause sentences, specifically sentences that make use of relative (adjective) clauses. They recently spent a little time translating and discussing an authentic Latin love poem from Catullus.