30 Oct

General News

I’m pleased to share with you that Ms. Diane Cebulski has joined our D-E community as our Middle School Administrative Assistant. Ms. Cebulski has previously held a similar position at River Dell Regional High School in Oradell and at Dumont High School. This is her first experience with middle school youngsters and already she loves the energy, enthusiasm, and sometimes chaotic pace! Please take a few moments to introduce yourself when you stop by or phone in. Her email is: cebuld@d-e.org and her phone number is: 201-227-3230

In early December, Mrs. Quirk will return from her maternity leave and begin working alongside Mrs. Stott in the 8th grade English classes. Transitioning from one teacher to another should be a smooth and transparent process, and we have a plan in place whereby they will work together for several days to ensure this objective. Because Mrs. Stott has worked closely with the 8th grade students, she will be conducting the parent conferences in December. During the latter part of the month, Mrs. Stott will begin to work with Mrs. Macone, the 6th grade English teacher, who will be on maternity leave beginning in January.