26 Apr

Focus on Fitness

Every year, all middle school students participate in the fitnessgram assessments during their physical education class. These assessments are a great tool for students to develop an understanding of their own personal fitness levels.  This past week, students completed their Spring fitnessgram activities based on the categories that are most important in achieving a healthy fitness level. Students laced up their running shoes and completed the PACER test, a 20 meter progressive, multi stage shuttle run set to music.  The results of this activity provide an indicator of the individual student’s aerobic capacity.  Students also participated in the push up and curl up assessments as a measure of upper body muscular strength and endurance as well as abdominal strength and endurance.  Lastly, students challenged their flexibility during the trunk lift and the sit and reach exercises.  We hope that students continue to exercise and participate in any form of physical activity for up to 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  As an alternative, students can count their daily activity steps using a pedometer or Fitbit type of watch. It is recommended to take 11,000-13,000 steps a day for kids and teens ages 6-17 years old. Healthy habits, healthy lives!