17 May

Final Service Learning Trip

Our final service learning trip, scheduled for Friday, May 27th

Sixth grade service learning is focused on understanding the need for healthy food — specifically fresh vegetables — for disadvantaged families in NJ. You may remember our fall trip to America’s Grow a Row (AGAR), when we picked apples, and our garden building project for Englewood’s Center for Food Action.  Our final effort is a day of planting at the AGAR farm in Pittsfield.  Students will attend their regular first period class on the 27th, leave for AGAR at 9:00 and return in time for regular pick up and busses.  Please remind them to dress for outdoor work and for the weather that day. We will go in drizzle and cancel only for a downpour or lightning.
Happy Spring!

Tasha Urbanowski

Grade 6 Dean