The new year arrived and our students were excited to once again connect with their “Humans of D-E”!  In preparation for their upcoming meetings, students discussed the benefits of getting to know people in their community.  They prepared interview questions, practiced with their HomeBase groups and got to video their interviews.  Our Humans also came prepared to share a story about themselves. Topics were varied and fascinating as the students heard first-hand accounts about the loss of a pet, becoming mayor, moving and traveling and other impactful life’s experiences.  All of these stories, along with our storytelling from Morning Meetings, create a video collage about all of the unique people who create our D-E community.  Students and faculty will continue to share their stories at Morning Meetings throughout the remainder to year.  It has become a highlight to hear the vast experiences that community members are eager to share.

Morning Meeting time provides a Division-wide moment each Monday morning where we come together as a community. During this time, we celebrate students and events, announce upcoming activities, and provide a forum in which to share/educate each other. This month, here are some of our topics: Ms. Marro and Mr. Muller shared their stories about the meaning of athletics in their lives which led to an understanding of the privilege of representing one’s school, whether it is in athletics, arts, or other endeavors. Our student Tech Team helped to expand everyone’s knowledge about iPads with their presentation this week. And the Honor Code Committee made us all laugh with their video on “Little Known Rules”.

Assembly: Every Thursday, our Middle School has a 50-minute Assembly period when we can delve into subjects, hear from national and local experts, celebrate our school’s events, and create new experiences. All these events help to build community, emphasize our core values, and promote our School Mission. In January, we had a fantastic MLK Assembly that featured students Diana, Remy, Jason, and Sofia. We also used an assembly period that called upon our 8’s to lead a small inter-grade group of students in a conversation about transitions. Last Thursday, Dr. Nisha Aurora, D-E parent, talked to us about the need for sleep. And this week, Mr. Trevor Shaw, D-E Director of Technology, will help us all better understand the benefits and challenges of social media and technology.