15 Dec

Community Time

In November, when students first received comments and then grades, HomeBase groups spent time reading and reflecting on both their accomplishments and areas where they needed to improve.  After spending time writing about their growth and setting goals for the second semester, every student had the opportunity to meet with their HomeBase Advisor.  Meaningful discussions were had as students both looked back at their progress thus far and looked forward to their continued growth.  Time was spent reviewing both their academics and their Student as Learner traits.

As we continue to hear stories from both Faculty and students during our Morning Meetings, our students are exposed to the importance of getting to know the members of our community.  Many of our HomeBase groups have had the opportunity to meet again with their Humans of DE. Some invited their Human to join them during HomeBase, some visited their Human on campus and others invited their Human to join them for a HomeBase lunch.  All middle school students will take part in Humans of DE lessons in early January and will have the opportunity to hone their interview skills and videotape the interviews themselves. We look forward to sharing these stories with you!