27 Jan

Community Time

In our HomeBase Program, our Middle School students recently finished their exploration of Intent vs. Impact with a series of lessons created by the LAG (Lead Advisory Group) Committee.  Groups watched videos, had discussions and took time to reflect that sometimes the things that we say to one another affect people in ways we do not intend.  In addition, just because one might have good intentions with one’s words and actions, it does not mean the impact of those words and actions cannot be harmful. Students then discussed ways we can work towards treating each other better in our own community.

As mentioned earlier, HomeBase was also a time to reflect on first semester grades or checklists.  Students were able to focus on their strengths, as well as what they might want to work on in the upcoming semester.  Each student had tie to reflect and set goals in a few categories, and then share those goals with a one-on-one conversation with the advisor. Good stuff!

At our annual assembly that celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we were treated to a student-researched,-written, and-delivered event. Four 8th grade students, working in conjunction with some teachers, put together a moving and inspirational assembly that focused on Dr. King, his many contributions and the meaning of service.

Yesterday’s assembly was hosted by two visiting teenagers who started a non-profit, Elephant Highway www.elephanthighway.org, because of how they were moved by the plight of elephants after a family trip to Africa. Rather than sitting on the sidelines, they found a way to take action and raise awareness of elephant poaching. In 1979, the elephant population was an estimated 1.3 million in Africa. Today the number of elephants is fewer than a third of that. This organization is striving to raise awareness about the poaching of elephants. The presenters shared with us how and why they created Elephant Highway, and the difference they have made since their start-up. As their story unfolded, it was exciting to see the similarities of their learning process and that of our own PBL units here at D-E. Really great stuff!

Our upcoming assembly in early February promises to be interesting. Our very own Mr. Trevor Shaw, Director of Technology, will be working with our young adolescents on the challenges, the opportunities, the benefits and the implications of social media.