In Drama 7, our young actors are performing their etudes “practice scenes.” Our 8’s are putting the finishing touches on their creative Crush Projects and looking forward to composing and performing their Spoken Word poems.

Our emerging sixth grade artists are working carefully and diligently on their animal line drawings. Not only do they use their art skills to draw, but the teachers ask them to go a step further, think about why their chosen animals are important and then how to convey that in their artwork. Wow! Our 7’s are using all their artistic skills learned to date with their shoe and object drawing. Meanwhile, the 8’s are starting the Skateboard Deck Design project. Each student decides between a real wooden deck or traditional illustration board in order to bring their mixed-media designs to life. Their challenge is to capture their individual personality into their skateboard, using color choice and design.

I love popping into Swartley Art Gallery and quietly observing our students, engrossed in their sketches, observing and capturing the play between shadow and light, their intense concentration on details.  

And finally our MS singers are in the midst of learning the music and the words to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the feature for the Winter Arts Festival.