The MS Arts Team has been collaborating on various projects that have culminated in exciting new ways throughout the Middle School, including of course most recently The Lion King, Jr. 

For the production of Lion King several Discovery classes were involved. The members of Construct cut out the large templates for students to paint a herd of wildebeest.  Art and Design Explorations self-designed and created the regal lion and lioness headpieces as well as the pack of hyenas costumes worn by the actors. Our 7th and 8th grade African Drumming ensembles played live at all of the show performances!. One Sunday afternoon prior to the performance the cast, crew and members of the community collaborated on building props and costume pieces for the show. A big thank you and emphatic “Go D-E Arts!” to all for making this production a success.

In early May, Mrs. Brusky and Mrs. Scrivanich visited the entire 7th Grade to guide students in creating a storyboard for the Refugee Children’s Book Project.  This is an exciting Project Based Learning (PBL) partnership with the seventh grade social studies teachers, and a great example of the power of interdisciplinary work. Students watched a slideshow, and were moved by the story and footage of Syrian artist Nizar Ali Badr working on the imagery for the children’s book Stepping Stones.  During their flex time students able to see the various ways in which artists create imagery to tell a story.

The Sixth Grade Chorus was visited by parent volunteers and Mrs. Scrivanich who helped the students get started on designing and painting their colorful T-shirts for the Middle School Spring Arts Festival.  Mr. Lloyd prepared the class in an earlier session by discussing warm vs. cool colors, and explaining how they will layer a NYC skyline stenciled atop of their colorful creations.  These shirts were proudly worn during the MS Arts Festival last week entitled “NY, NY: A City of Revolution.”

In Studio Art 6 Students sculpted self-portrait relief sculpture in clay. For the project, students began with a 6″x 6″ self-portrait drawing to refresh their memory on the proportions of the face and have a reference to work from for sculpting their features with clay. Students used a variety of tools and techniques to add facial features, hair, and details on the clothing. In addition, many students created miniature relief elements in three-dimensions that represent their personality and interests. After the sculptural part of the process is complete, student works will be fired in the kiln in preparation for glazing. Students will partake in a simple glazing process through which they will learn about the chemistry, application, and process of glazing ceramic work.

Studio Art 7 students have been busily designing and constructing their “DIY Cosplay” 3D project for a fictional comic convention in studio art classes.  The pieces are wearable and range from traditional character masks to innovative accessories and headpieces!  For the final project students will create scenes that demonstrate their understanding of linear perspective, Color theory concepts and watercolor painting techniques.

In Art and Design Explorations Students viewed the work of Minimalist artist Joel Shapiro.  Then they too, created abstract figures to participate in a dance party music video shown in class.  The Paper dancer collage work was the precursor to a full in-the-round “box person” created from recycled materials.

In the 8th Grade Theatre classes, students worked on a choice project to fit the theme “Project: HAPPY.”  Students voice and choice is present in their decision for how to study and improve and sustain happiness within the D-E community.  For example, making motivational posters, videos and cards for other community members were a few of the many inspirational and creative ideas!