In Studio Art 6 our Earthship PBL is well underway. Students have drawn out the floor plans for their Earthship houses and transferred them onto foam core bases. They are now building up the interior and exterior walls with cardboard and plastic recyclables. Students are also beginning to experiment with materials such as white, colored, and metallic duct-tape and contact paper that looks like wood, to give the appearance of the materials they imagine their Earthship being made of.

In Studio Art 7 students have completed the contour drawings of their shoes in pencil and transferred them to final paper. They are now in the process of shading in their shoes in pencil using a range of values, different types of pencils and erasers, and different techniques to make their subjects look volumetric and textured.  With this project students are learning how to first build up more general shapes and tones in their drawings before adding in the details. This is a helpful approach for drawing all different subjects in art.

Mrs. Brusky and Mrs. Scrivanich shared a slideshow that allowed the sixth grade Silent Reading classes to use the “flipped classroom model” for their interdisciplinary Avatar/Puppet Project.  After viewing the samples and artwork for homework, students spent a TAG period with the art teachers to sketch out their ideas and receive feedback on their progress in order to best illustrate their reading habits.  It was an effective use of time during which every student was able to touch base with one of the art teachers.

Our 7th grade theatre arts classes recently wrapped up their Mindfulness unit and are embarking upon introductory Scene Study. Meanwhile, 8th grade Theatre arts just began the Spoken Word Performance Poetry unit after a successful experience with the CRUSH projects!