Our Arts classes continue to offer our students rich, robust experiences that stretch each child in creative thinking, doing, and performing.

Drama 7: Students are finishing up theatre terminology. They will soon engage in a backstage tour and lesson with our DE Technical Director of Theater Facilities. After spring break, students will be venturing into play writing.

Drama 8: Students are finishing up the spoken word PBL. Several students shared their work in a memorable Middle School Coffee House Assembly.  They brought to life many of the universal themes of which young adolescents struggle, using personal stories to illuminate. It was quite a fantastic 50 minutes!

Studio Art 6: PBL City Design Remix began this Tuesday! In addition to watching clips from the film “Urbanized”, students voted for their favorite places on campus and we went for a campus walk to each site to discuss what about the space was appealing. The top places were STEM (first in both sections!), Graham Field and “Purple Playground”.

Studio Art 7: Students are finishing their Shoe Drawings. Once complete, they will self-reflect and offer feedback to their peers. They will create a personalized website using Crevado.com

Art Explorations: Eighth grade students are using places that are special to them and their family as the subject matter for the Landmark Illustration Project. They will use linear perspective to create an ink and watercolor depiction of this meaningful place.