In Studio Art 6, the kids are deeply engaged in a unit PBL with the driving question, “How do we, as architects, design new buildings to solve existing problems in our communities?”  The students were able to spend time with architect Mr. Mark Thaler and view real examples in preparation to making their practice models. This step gave them time to assess their current design and construction skills. Simultaneously they are working in teams to design blueprints of city districts. Construction of buildings began this week.

In Studio Art 7, the Sea Life sculptures for our Middle School Play “The Little Mermaid” are almost done, and they will be on display during the shows in May. Students worked in groups to create the sea life from chicken wire and paper mache.

Our Studio Art 8 artists are finishing up their Landmark Watercolor/Ink Illustrations. They are done with traditional pen and ink and painting techniques.

In Drama 7, students are working on One Minute Plays.  In Drama 8, students have begun their published monologues.