From Grade 8 Dean James Aitken: 
As you may know, your child will be participating in a fun field trip to the Takasago International Corporation during the first week back from vacation.  Takasago is a major producer of flavors and fragrances found in many products we all use.  It is a Science based experience, and they will get a chance to do a lot of hands-on activities.  Takasago has asked us if they can take a few snapshots of the field trip in order to use for their newsletter within their corporation.  We are obviously happy to allow this, but if this is something that you have concerns with please send an email to Liz Tausner, Director of Communications and Publications (, indicating that you would like to “opt out”.  Otherwise, we will assume you are okay with images of your child being used for Takasago publications.  Thanks – it should be a terrific trip.