07 Jun

The Week of June 6

We have full days of school today (Tuesday), Wednesday, and Thursday.

Each day has special events and activities designed to bring closure to the school year.  It is wise to remember that endings bring up many different—and often conflicting—emotions in all of us, and especially young adolescents whose emotions are often extra-intense. Happy, sad, anxious, eager, trepidation, bravado, fear, joy, and trust—all these and many more can often play out during the last days of school. Yet, it is also important to remember that children need closure; they have spent the school year with us, they’ve made new friends, they’ve experienced new activities, they’ve taken risks and they’ve grown considerably in so many different ways. Final activities and celebrations help mark their progress, serve as benchmarks and allow for reflection and good-byes.

Special events this week include:

  • Wednesday: Grade 6: Greek Day
    • Grade 7: Field trip to Ellis Island
    • Grade 8: Hike and BBQ
  • Thursday: Yearbooks and Field Day

Hug your child, and Go Bulldogs!

07 Jun

Message from Kathy


It’s hard to believe the school year is quickly coming to a close. It has been a year filled with growth, challenges, successes, and most of all, humor. I love middle school students and the unique period of development that they are in. They are changeable, unpredictable and often very hard to read. Sometimes, they want fervently to do their schoolwork as part of a group; other times, they want just as fervently to pursue their learning individually.  They can become deeply invested with purposeful schoolwork and can become deeply engaged with causes and social justice.  They can be totally responsible one moment and totally irresponsible another. They can put forth reasonable explanations and arguments at times, yet at other times they have unreasonable—and unbelievable—explanations that can defy logic and fact! Throughout it all, they have an irrepressible energy, goodness of heart, and exuberance about learning and about life. I love my job!

Our Assembly last week was our third Annual Film Festival when we show a sampling of student videos that have been made recently. It is always great fun and a wonderful way of contributing to the end-of-year festivities.  Please see below for links to  4 of the videos we showed. (And remember, middle school humor is—well, it’s middle school-y!) Enjoy!