09 May

Message from Kathy Christoph, MS Principal

Folks, As your child moves through young adolescence, s/he is becoming more independent and is increasingly involved in activities outside the home and with their peers. When you try to have a conversation with them, they may roll their eyes, grunt, or pretend not to hear. Do Not Despair! You are still the most influential […]

09 May

Grade Level Happenings

6th Grade:  With May’s arrival, our 6th graders are working on their last curricular units. In Science, students have started to work on their Experimental Design projects. They will be testing consumer products and seeing what brand is the most reliable based on their research and cost. They will present their findings at the Experimental […]

09 May

Building Community…and Building Muscles!

Looking to bring a bit of new excitement to the last several weeks of school, our Health and Wellness teachers are challenging students to compete in fun, friendly, low-key competitions during some of the Recess periods.  The “Recess Activity Challenge” begins this week with the Jump Rope Challenge. It’s nice to know that while the […]

21 Apr

Event Reminders


A few event reminders: The last D-E 360° Summer Connections Open House is this Saturday, April 22. Save the dates for Summer Connections 2017, in session from June 26 – August 4. The Summer Open House is a great opportunity to learn about “Enrichment” offerings in arts, athletics, business/entrepreneurship, STEM, and more. Intensive “Immersive” program offerings […]

21 Apr

Grade Level Updates


In the World Language classes, our 6th graders are learning about clothing vocabulary and creating presentations in the target language about their favorite outfits for each season.  Our 7th graders are learning about boot verbs in the present tense. They are creating family trees which will include a creative narrative describing their artwork. Some of our […]

13 Apr

A Reminder from the MS-US Nurse

Dear D-E Parents/Guardians, This is a gentle reminder that all medications for MS/US students must be deposited with me in the MS/US Nurse’s Office, for distribution during the school day, including over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.   D-E School Medication Forms, that authorize the administration of over-the-counter and any other medication that is […]

13 Apr

What’s Happening in Classrooms


6th Grade:  April promises to be a busy month in sixth grade! In science, students were treated to a visit by Immunologist (and D-E parent) Dr. Julie Rubinstein. Dr. Rubenstein and one of her colleagues spoke with our students about their work at adaptive technologies, mainly with the immune system (see photos above from their […]

13 Apr

Kathy’s Message

Folks, I trust each of you found some good family time over the Spring Break and were able to enjoy some special moments with your young adolescents. I loved being in Umpleby Lobby on the Monday morning after the Break, listening to the excited chatter and gleeful shouts of joy as our students reconnected with […]

17 Mar

Annual Health and Wellness Week

Our Middle School enjoyed the invigorating experience as we participated in the 2017 version of the “Annual Health and Wellness Week,” with the theme of  “Building A Stronger Community.” The week’s Opening Ceremonies introduced the focus and schedule of various festivities during our Monday Morning Meeting. Dwight-Englewood’s executive chef, Luke Kuchavik and Director of Dining […]